Engage your children with ZERO SCREEN TIME activities designed to match the preschool curriculum. The safest and most effective alternative to preschools.
Totto@Home Assisted Home Learning

The Program

[email protected] is designed to put you, the parent at the center of the learning process and make home learning easy and enjoyable for both you and your child.

  • Ensures school readiness at age 6 with milestone-based certificate
  • Get an experienced early-year educator as your personal one to one guide
  • Zero screen time for children
  • Requires just 20 minutes of your time a day
  • Thoughtfully designed and curated learning pack delivered every month

What do I get?

Totto Learning Pack

Monthly Totto Learning Pack

A Learning Pack is shipped to you every month with 20+ activities, materials, bedtime stories, and more
Totto@Home Features - Personalised Care

One to One Teacher Assistance

An experienced early learning expert, assigned to you as a personal guide to help you through the program.
Totto Learning Pack

Assessments and Certificates

Professional assessments every 3 months to gauge the developmental stages and customize the learning plan.
Totto@Home Expert Sessions

Parenting Sessions and Recorded Stories

Expert sessions on a variety of topics from storytelling, child psychology, child diet, and more.
Totto@Home - Personalised care

Personalised Care for your Child

Your child is unique. The Totto teacher helps you customize the program based on your child's needs and interests.
Totto Learning Pack - Extras

Totto Extras!

Material to help set up a learning corner at your home, posters, height, and weight trackers, and more to help you set up a school at home.

Holistic Learning with [email protected]

The Totto Methodology focuses on the holistic development of children and identifying the key areas of interest early.
Inspired from the best early learning philosophies of the world
Customised for home learning
Special focus on Creativity and Life Skills
Totto Holistic Development
Totto Learning Testimonial

“I had earlier enrolled my child in other online programs too however soon after enrolling him in Totto I found a stark difference in there approach towards teaching concepts.

Tanya Khanna
Totto Learning Testimonial

“Totto is an amazing decision that I made for my little Uddhav. A place which works their best to enhance the brightness in every kid. Thank you Totto.. You hold a great place in our home.

Sruthi Radhakrishnan
Monthly Totto Learning Pack + Expert Totto Teacher, assigned to you one to one for continuous guidance. Specially created for age 1.5 to 6 years

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